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TL; DR: I’m the Founder of Indicate.

I’m an entrepreneur and have learned a little bit about metrics, process and growth – on both the personal and business side of things. Along the way, I learned the value of a great end-to-end customer experience, the benefits of continual learning, the rewards (and disappointments) that came with running my own startup and more.


I am a Partner at 500 Startups. Founded in 2010, we’re headquartered in Mountain View, CA but have offices and staff in multiple cities around the world. We usually invest in 150+ new companies around the world every year. We’re kind of a big deal.

I build dashboard.io to help make the startup world a little more transparent… if you’re a web startup, you just install my javascript snippet on your site and relax. I’ll build you an AARRR table and show you how it compares to other startups in your industry. No fuss, no mess. Dashboard will be back soon… I’m cooking up something special at 500.

I hate having to wait on hold when I call a company, so I built FastCustomer to save me some time. Just tell FastCustomer which company you want to talk to and we’ll call you when we have an operator on the line — usually within 5 minutes.

I have a few friends that do mobile notary stuff (also called “signing agents” if you know the lingo) and noticed they track everything via ghetto spreadsheets and email. I built NotaryCRM to make their lives a little easier and more profitable. I launched the MVP in mid-July 2010 and, within a few days, managed to get a few core users that depended on the software every day to manage over $100K of their business.

Snail mail can be a bitch — especially if you do any kind of direct mail. So, I built MailFinch. Each month, we send thousands of pieces of mail so that our customers (mostly real estate agents, insurance agents and attorney’s offices) can focus on what they do best. We’ve got everything you would expect from today’s direct mail solution: contact, list and campaign management, drip campaigns, guaranteed next day mailing, sexy paper and a nice heaping spoonful of awesome. MailFinch was shut down in late 2010.

I recently launched something I’ve been working on: it’s a new type of RSS feed reader that is built around the way you actually read feeds. It allows you to rate items you find most interesting, learns what you like (and dislike!) to read and immediately begins to help you sort through thousands of articles, blog posts, Twitter feeds and filters out less interesting materials. In a nutshell, it saves you time by focusing your attention on the items you actually want to read.

I call it Philtro and it’s available now. Philtro was acquired by CityVoice in late 2009.


I’ve been lucky enough to have founded, co-founded, advised and/or consulted with a lot of fantastic companies over the years: InfoRelay, Sitelutions, Upsolv, Symantec, PBworks, Philtro, CityVoice, Pear Analytics, Brandstack/Upstack, MailFinch, ZippyKid, Weddzilla, NotaryCRM, BizeeBee, ZoomSafer, FastCustomer, Indicate … you?

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