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September 2008

Screw hand-wavy strategies, focus on being sticky

Written by Paul on September 29th, 2008

Seems like everyone’s talking about innovation these days — isn’t it pretty much a requirement for doing anything that people are willing to pay for? Ditto that for quality, teamwork and strategy. Well, I guess it’s to be expected: it’s much easier to talk about hand-wavy things than to actually get into the bowels of the business and actually measure the stuff that matters so you can actually make educated decisions.

Call it what you want: customer loyalty, customer retention or …

Remember: Substance Before Style

Written by Paul on September 22nd, 2008

It’s interesting to think about how many small businesses get suckered into “branding” themselves before actually doing anything. The sad part: I was one of them. I had incorporated my first company many years ago and was feeling great. Nevermind the fact that I didn’t have a single sales prospect yet — I had to have a business card and other sales collateral. A few days later, I was a couple of hundred dollars poorer with boxes of shiny new …

So, tell me what you do again?

Written by Paul on September 17th, 2008

I was visiting my home, just outside of DC, this weekend and met a number of great folks involved in a wide range of industries. As I sit here on the ride back to San Francisco, I’ve been thinking about one particular entrepreneur that struck me because I still don’t know what he and his small business do, even after chatting for 20 minutes. (To protect the innocent, I won’t call him out publicly but I’m working with him privately …

When asking for a discount (or a raise) fails

Written by Paul on September 8th, 2008

I have a friend that recently bought a used car at full price. His excuse: “I asked for a discount but they didn’t give it to me so I gave up.” Sure, he could probably stand to learn a little bit about better negotiating but there is a better way to get a better deal.

It’s no secret that most people have a hard time talking about money — just look at how many bloggers write about ways to ask for …

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