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October 2012

Why Immigration Policy Matters for Startups

Written by Paul on October 29th, 2012

It’s our responsibility to be a bridge to venture capital and functional expertise — as private citizens *and* as a country. The United States is where the internet started and, when you think about economic development and job creation, it’s where many of the most successful internet companies have flourished over the past few decades. However, the internet landscape is changing: more people are online than ever before, technology

Ask the VC: Tactical Tips for Taking Advantage of Demo Days or Any Other Investor Hotspots

Written by Paul on October 26th, 2012

Demo days are a funny thing. Everyone seems to think it’s about bringing startups and investors together but my observation is that many of these events turn out to be nothing more than a social event for investors (and wanna-be investors) to catch up with each other. If you’re the startup trying to raise money at your demo day event, you’re a sucker. Smart founders use demo days as forcing functions when they’re generating heat for their startup.

I’ve been to …

Want to get inside the head of an active investor?

Written by Paul on October 23rd, 2012

I’ve been an employee, I’ve been a founder and now I’m an investor. (In that order, actually.) When it comes to time-based experience, I’m still a noob — I’ve been on this side of the table for about three years now. However, what I lack in time, I’ve more than made up for in experience — 500 Startups’ approach to high volume early stage investing and selective follow-ons has exposed me to hundreds of investments in a very short amount …

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