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November 2012

Investors Need To Lose Their Egos And Founders Need To Gain Some Confidence

Written by Paul on November 25th, 2012

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road this year and, though I’ve visited a handful of countries, the majority of my time outside the US this year has been India. (Note: I’ll assert that what I’m about to say applies to any startup ecosystem outside Silicon Valley — both in the US and internationally.)

Across every startup ecosystem I’ve seen, it seems to me that there’s only one real way to to help startup ecosystems mature: investors need to

The Art of Hiring: How To Hire The Best

Written by Paul on November 20th, 2012

The best people are already doing something they love. The ones on the market aren’t always the ones you want. If you want the best people working with you, you only have two options:

  1. Inspire them. Get them to fall in love with your vision.
  2. Get the timing right. Catch them when they’re already making a move.

Regardless of which one you choose, have a game plan before you do anything. (The same could be said about fundraising and anything else where one side …

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