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On Intellectual Curiosity

Written by Paul on July 7th, 2012

I used to carpool to elementary school with a classmate that lived nearby. I remember only one thing from all those years: her dad would tell me anything I wanted to know as long as I asked a question. (Mr. Clayton, where are you these days anyways?)

I went to a small private school and was generally OK with being “the nerd” around my neighborhood. I’m a terribly slow learner when it comes to traditional classroom instruction, but I’m a sponge …

Aim for the Little Wins

Written by Paul on May 24th, 2010

It’s been a week since Summit Series wrapped up and I’m finally getting around to processing all of the fantastic conversations I had through the weekend. My favorite people at the event, by far, were the entrepreneurs with a pure tactical mindset. Anyone talking strategy was usually shutdown by a simple tactical question that involved specific calls to action, conversion rates and tools. I loved it.

The harsh reality of entrepreneurship is that successes (whether you’re thinking in terms of revenue, …

Using web analytics to boost sales

Written by Paul on January 28th, 2009

Today, thanks to the Internet, the amount of data available to any company with a website dwarfs anything you can build yourself. Web analytics programs track nearly everything that happens on a website, keeping a real-time record of how potential customers find the site, how they behave on it, and why they buy (or, more importantly, don’t buy) your stuff.

The wealth of data is so great — you might learn, for instance, that customers in Toronto typically spend three minutes …

Businesses, enjoy the fire sale.

Written by Paul on October 20th, 2008

It’s interesting to note that many of the people that handed out business advice when the going was good have strangely gone quiet now that things aren’t looking so good on Wall Street. The reality of the current situation is that entrepreneurs still have to wake up every morning, head to work and pave a path to a better future.

Most small businesses are already focusing on aggressively cutting costs by streamlining their current business processes and focusing on cash flow …

Screw hand-wavy strategies, focus on being sticky

Written by Paul on September 29th, 2008

Seems like everyone’s talking about innovation these days — isn’t it pretty much a requirement for doing anything that people are willing to pay for? Ditto that for quality, teamwork and strategy. Well, I guess it’s to be expected: it’s much easier to talk about hand-wavy things than to actually get into the bowels of the business and actually measure the stuff that matters so you can actually make educated decisions.

Call it what you want: customer loyalty, customer retention or …

Remember: Substance Before Style

Written by Paul on September 22nd, 2008

It’s interesting to think about how many small businesses get suckered into “branding” themselves before actually doing anything. The sad part: I was one of them. I had incorporated my first company many years ago and was feeling great. Nevermind the fact that I didn’t have a single sales prospect yet — I had to have a business card and other sales collateral. A few days later, I was a couple of hundred dollars poorer with boxes of shiny new …

Getting Past "The Wall"

Written by Paul on August 28th, 2008

The most common phrase I hear from entrepreneurs is, “Get me to the next level.” Within a few minutes of chatting with them, it’s usually very obvious that they have a very real feeling of being stuck.

What “the next level” actually is varies depending on who you talk to but the good news is many of the factors that block reaching it are surprisingly the same. …

The importance of being accessible

Written by Paul on August 19th, 2008

A column in this month’s Inc. magazine describes what it was like to work for the world’s most successful entrepreneur, Bill Gates:

Bill came in. I thought about how strange it was that he had two legs, two arms, one head, etc. – almost exactly like a regular human being.

So, maybe Bill isn’t the right person to compare ourselves against but the point is that the people around you need to easily recognize that you are a real person, just …

Assassinate your inner autopilot

Written by Paul on August 5th, 2008

This is a guest post by Diana D. Jarvis, a single professional currently located in Metro Atlanta, GA.

When we’re in a miserable situation, the logical thing to do is to get out of it, right?  So why do many of us stay in jobs we despise?  Or maybe you have a friend who drives you crazy complaining about his job while making excuses for not sending out his resume.  Why not do something about it already?

In a word: energy.

Dragging yourself …

An easy, simple way to keep in touch with everyone you know

Written by Paul on July 23rd, 2008

Over the years, I’ve picked up a number of contacts – people I’ve met and perhaps even worked with. The problem is that I’ve utterly failed at keeping in touch with most of them. Chances are, so have you.

Unfortunately, networking simply doesn’t work this way. Relationships take time and getting to know people requires patience.

Fact: You know people

Here’s how I spend

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