More on the “Thanks BP” project

Written by Paul on June 30th, 2010

A few days ago, I quietly launched a way for people to donate to the Gulf cleanup while taking a jab at BP. We sold ten letters in the first few minutes and it’s steadily grown over the past few days — yesterday, we won the #bpcarescontest.

I started the MailFinch “Thanks BP” project because I wanted to do something more than just donate to the cleanup. I wanted to get back at BP… ideally, without getting sued in the process. It turns out, other people wanted to do the same thing too.

As I write this, we’ve sold over 100 letters in the past few hours (incidentally, the “BP-covered Pelican” is the #1 favorite by a huge margin) and the orders keep rolling in — every penny we make on this will be donated to the Gulf Restoration Network.

When I see an oil-covered pelican on the news, I don’t say to myself, “That’s an oily scum-covered pelican.” No. I say to myself, “That’s a BP-covered pelican.”

So, do your part: donate to the cleanup, tell your friends about this or just do something. It’s our responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen anywhere else on the planet.

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One Response to “More on the “Thanks BP” project”

  • Wow, that is cool.

    I can’t do it, though, because my husband worked at BP until a year or so ago. No he had no part in the spill, neither his work nor his department did, but everytime someone says “BP go kill yourself” or something, I can’t help thinking a small part of that is directed at him.

    But, I think this is a genius way to contribute to the community and get publicity. I mean, anything could have thought of sending letters for money, but MailFinch is perfectly positioned to actually DO it. That is sweet.

    — 06/30/10 at 8:02 pm

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